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About MCN

MCN is your personal health advisory service that is immediately available to you around the clock, and around the world.

Medical needs can arise anytime and anywhere. Whether you or a family member need the best doctor, specialist or medical facility at home, or when traveling , as a member of the Medical Concierge Network, you have your own personal team of professionals a phone call away to handle the routine or the complex.

The security of having your own personal health advisor around the clock, and around the world, with one simple phone call.

The direct access to a MCN advisor who will provide you with the best professional advice available, and access to the care that you need.

The peace of mind that every member of your family has access to a doctor or the medical services referral they need, even if you’re away from home.

For Employers

We work with large and small employers to offer their top-notch team members Medical Concierge Network membership as part of a corporate benefits package. When your employees are your greatest asset, why not give them the support they have come to expect?

Employee Package Benefits

Corporate membership means
Tax deductions for being a MCN member
Lower insurance premiums and lower bottom line healthcare expenditures
Better health outcomes for your employees and their families, resulting in better business outcomes

Travel/Student Packages

Health and travel insurance are no longer enough to protect you and your family when you’re traveling whether it’s for business or pleasure. If you need medical assistance anywhere in the U.S. or abroad, we work with you to find the best care when and where you need it.

Travel/Student Benefits

Benefits of travel/student packages include
24-hour global toll-free support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Unlimited access to top doctors, specialist, clinics and hospitals worldwide
Travel intelligence and passport assistance
Global Medical Evacuation


1. What is Medical Concierge Network?
MCN is a company that seeks to connect you with the best medical care available. It is a worldwide service provided exclusively to its members. We help schedule appointments with top doctors, specialists and hospitals while providing you with medical identity protection and medical insurance advocacy. We are your very own personal health care concierge tailored to you, your family and employees.
2. Who is the Medical Concierge Network for?
We are for everyone whether it be at home or while traveling for pleasure or business. We cover individuals, couples, families, parents, your children whether traveling abroad or on a family vacation, employees and corporate members. We offer a wide variety of different types of memberships to cater to whatever your personal or corporate needs may be.
3. Why should I join?
With the ever changing medical landscape, you owe it to yourself, your family, your employees and shareholders to make sure that they have access to our resources and high quality healthcare should a need arise. MCN is your advocate to help and guide you to the best medical care available.
4. How long does my membership last?
It depends on what type of membership you choose. We offer annual memberships and travel / student memberships consisting of a specific length of time from 7 days to 6 months.
5. Do I have to be an American citizen to join?
Medical Concierge Network is available to anyone, regardless of their country of citizenship.
6. How do I become a member?
To become a member you can either complete the enrollment form online or call us at 1-800-352-6094. Our representatives are available Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm (EST) to answer your questions and enroll you. We accept all major credit cards, electronic checks and PayPal. Memberships need to be paid in full at the time of enrollment and cannot be cancelled unless it is an annual membership up for renewal.

Membership’s normally take 48 hours to activate. Once your membership is activated you will receive a welcome email from us with your member benefits and important numbers to call until your membership card arrives. We will mail you your welcome package containing your Medical Concierge Network membership card(s) with important phone numbers along with a booklet, Personal Healthcare Portfolio as our gift to help guide your personal health and wellness. Please note membership benefits are prospective.

7. Do my membership fees cover the cost of treatment?
Membership fees do not cover the cost of doctor visits or procedures. As with any visit to a traditional medical facility, additional charges will apply for any treatment options. The Member must pay all treatment costs, either personally or through their insurance coverage. Check with your insurance company for specifics about your coverage and their reimbursement policy. We will provide you an insurance friendly form for filing your claim, but we do NOT file claims directly. Medical Concierge Network is not an insurance company.
8. Does MCN refer its members to only specific doctors, specialists, clinics or hospitals?
No, we are not a closed in network that uses pre-determined doctors, specialists, clinics or hospitals. When you have a membership with MCN it gives you access to 1000s of doctors worldwide at your fingertips to protect you, your family and your employees.
9. If I’m traveling, will Medical Concierge Network and its partners fly me home on a private plane if I get sick?
If you require hospitalization and wish to go home, MCN and its partners we will transport you there by the medically indicated form of transport, MCN and its partners will determine the mode of transport, taking into account the member safety, treatment and comfort concerns. MCN is not an insurance company and does not reimburse members for any costs incurred.
10. If I have signed up for Security Services, will Medical Concierge Network and its partners evacuate me from an active war zone?
If the situation in a country deteriorates to the point where an official declaration is made or clear that the member will suffer imminent grievous bodily harm, MCN and its partners will deploy and rescue the member, bringing them to the nearest safe location prior to evacuating them back to their home country.

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It’s hard to plan for the unexpected. When you need medical care and the situation is urgent… or you get “that call” from a spouse or a child in trouble… that is not the time to be scrambling for the best doctor, or trying to find the best specialist, or searching for the appropriate medical facility.

That is exactly the time to pick up the phone and call your personal health advisor at the Medical Concierge Network.

Medical Concierge Network means more than just 24/7 global access and service – it means that you will be treated like family, no matter what the situation. There is no medical need too big or too small.

Join Medical Concierge Network. Click on the Join Now button and discover just how easy and affordable it is to have the highest level of medical care services and benefits available today.


I am 86 years old and last summer took a bad fall which put me in the hospital for several days. My doctors, while competent where telling me that I was as well as I could hope to be given my accident. My wife and I knew I was stronger and needed a different care path. We turned to Medical Concierge Network which promptly found me a neurologist/physical therapy team that identified my problem and have worked
with me to the point I am stronger than before this all happened.

If I didn’t know MCN I would not be as well off as I am today

Thomas N.

MCN Client

I recently moved to a new city and did not know where to look for a new set of doctors. I had an episode which required a gynecologist; not sure what to do, I called Medical Concierge Network which provided several options of excellent gynecologists for me to choose from. I have since had a minor surgery and have received great follow up by both my doctor and MCN. Without MCN, I would have had a difficult time
trying to find the doctor I needed.
Donna D

MCN Client

My business requires me to travel often; many times to multiple cities and countries in one trip. My most recent trip took me to eight cities in five countries including Lebanon. Medical Concierge Network gave me piece of mind and a sense of security. It’s comforting to know that no matter where I go, MCN is there with me. I don’t know of any other service that provides so much in one package.
Felice D.

MCN Client

Benefits for
Individuals / Couples / Families

Today, individuals, couples and families are demanding that the quality of their health care and wellness programs match their lifestyles. Only through a membership with Medical Concierge Network can you achieve the highest level of personalized service that far exceeds that of your basic health care insurance or premium credit card coverage.

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Want more information or have a question? Send us an email at [email protected], use the form below, or call us at 1-800-352-6094.